Weight Management

Weight loss :

We all eat without thinking and understanding true hunger which contributes to the problem of getting over weight. Poor nutrition triggers cravings to eat more whereas nutritional excellence helps normalize or minimize them.

In this period the weight loss is initiated which helps to remove unwanted extra kilos which are stored in our body. Heavy weight or obesity is the sign or beginning of most of health issues. So it is important to bring the weight to normal healthy weight.

Weight loss helps in keeping lower cholesterol, maintained sugar levels. It also reduces oxidative stress and many more problems. Most of the health issues are related to the food we eat.

The key factor that determines if you are healthy or over weight is your success or failure in consuming sufficient nutrients and fibers respectively.

It is sometimes very difficult to decide what to eat and what not to eat. We completely guide you to eat Nutrient rich foods which improves metabolic rate initiates weight loss and provides adequate nutrients. This will result in less consumption of empty calories.

Maintenance :

Most of people find it challenging to maintain the ideal weight achieved. It is After weight loss is done we give maximum attention on making all these changes as part of life style.

In this period the reached weights are maintained with right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients. This phase helps in keeping the transformed results over long time and make them part of lifestyle.

Active lifestyle, rich nutrient food and a calm mind will lead to ideal weight and optimal health.

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