Child Nutrition

Child nutrition refers to dietary needs of growing children.

Same like adult’s nutrition, kids also need both macro and micronutrients for their complete physical and mental development.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the whole development process. During the development and growth time, various physical changes occur in children’s body.

Foods which are very rich in nutrition and healthy help not only in their growth but also boost up their immune system to fight against many diseases.

Their physical activeness and healthy nourishment makes them very energetic by body and brain.

Children’s diet should provide them sufficient energy intake for proper growth and development while preventing excess weight gain.

A lots pf research and surveys across world shows that many children are suffering from obesity due to eating unhealthy, processed and junk foods and sedentary life style.

It is very important for parents to take care of children health from very young age.

Parents have to be the healthy role model for children. They should encourage kids for healthy eating by educating them about benefits and drawbacks of food we consume. An active education can be given to kids by taking them for grocery shopping to learn more about variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods available in supermarkets.

Parents should make creative foods with children in the kitchen. Healthy lunch box every day at school will develop a routine healthy habit.

Colorful fruits and vegetables provide phytonutrients which help in prevention of disease and keep our body working well.

Children should avoid fast foods , processed unhealthy foods and high consumption of sugars. It can be controlled and taken in consideration by parents.

Nutri-veda helps in educating kids about nutrition and healthy life style.

We design a very healthy diet plan according to child’s physical growth and weight requirement