Coordination of food and body and mindful eating

Mindful eating focus on present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and sensations of mind for food.

Our first thought should be “eat for total health”

An Ideal Mindful eating focus on natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and vegetable oils over processed and junk food.

Mindful eating begins with shopping at supermarkets, cooking, serving on the table and eating calmly with small portions and slowly chewing.

We should eat when our body tells us to eat which can be easily understood by our body signals ( low energy levels ) and stop when we are full. Following the body signals will avoid overeating.

Eating should involve peace and presence of mind without indulging multitasking.

There should be a proficient balance in emotional eating and eating foods that are nutritionally rich and healthy.

With right attention to the food we eat, we tend to indulge less in junk food. Once it comes in practice of eating healthy, we are less inclined to the binge of comfort foods.

We should consider the source of a meal rather than think food as an end product.

It is common for people to feel guilty (of getting fat) after having their meals. Such guilty feeling results in inhibition of release of chemicals which help in digestion of food. So it is important to eat healthily and without guilt feeling to get the maximum benefits of our healthy food. It can be achieved easily by giving pause before starting the food and appreciating all goodness which you are going to consume.

When all these things are taken care together, it will improve the thought process about food and result in a healthy active body. .