Easy golden ways to balance hormones naturally

By Kiran Sukhani | 01/24/2019

Hormones are special chemical messages that are produced in endocrine glands.

They have big effect on our mental, physical and emotional health.

Hormones are produced precisely by Glands but These days due to hectic life style a lot of people are suffering from hormonal imbalance.  Certain hormones decline with age too.

Hormones are mainly responsible for

  • Metabolism—(which means how to get energy from food consumed)
  • Growth and development
  • Moods
  • Sexual function and reproduction

Imbalance in hormones leads to many diseases and health problems.

The hormonal imbalance is the major reason for overweight and obesity

 Fortunately hormonal imbalance can be controlled mainly by nutritious diet and active life style.

We have listed the important factors which can help in regulating these hormones normally.

Eating enough proteins at each meal and High fiber rich Foods and healthy fats

Eating enough proteins at each meal is important as they provide our body with amino acids that are important for building up muscles, bones, skin and hair.

Proteins and High fiber foods and healthy fats makes us feel full and thus influences release of Ghrelin Hormone that is responsible to control appetite.

This hormone is also called as Hunger hormone.

Avoiding Sugars, sugary beverages and refine carbs

Foods that are high in sugars and refined carbs, they are more likely responsible for insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is  the condition when cells are not able to respond to insulin  properly. So the glucose amount in blood is buit up higher.

This may lead to diabetes. Avoiding such foods will  help in keep insulin and sugar level in control

Overeating and Undereating

Consuming too little and over calories also leads to hormonal imbalance

We should aim to eat in a balance and controlled way


Regular exercise—

Regular exercise effects hormones health strongly.

Regular work outs such as cardio vascular exercise, resistant exercise , weight training, walking or swimming  , effects majorly on insulin which controls glucose and diabetes and thyroid hormone

Active lifestyle reduces the risk of diseases and helps us in slowing down the aging process


Yoga , Meditation and  Sleep

Doing meditation yoga, massages and good amount of sleep can help to normalize stress hormones level

Cortisol hormone is generally called stress hormone

Extreme stressful condition keeps stress hormones elevated which results in excessive calories intake and deposition of fats in abdomen.

Poor sleeping patterns also elevates stress hormones and hunger hormones levels

Good quality of sleep helps in production of  growth hormone and improves insulin resistance also.

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