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I meet many of my friends regularly they all are doing well with personal and professional life. One of them got extremely busy and after few years when I met him either he was very tired, or breathless. Sometimes sweating in a good weather. He could eat anything and in any amount. His eating was very unconsciously

I asked him it’s not normal to have such things. Then he replied yeah he gets are very tired, severe headaches, irregular heartbeats these days and I am very stressed out.

Since he is close friends of mine I asked them all the details of their routine. Their routine was wake up in the morning take breakfast and run for work.

Whole day at work and then evening socializing with people around. Irregular and unconscious eating patterns and no exercise at all.

After I explained them that how is their routine effecting their health, they went for a routine checkup.

Reports showed that he was suffering for hypertension.


What is this hypertension or high blood pressure and how it is a silent killer?

Blood pressure in the force with which blood flows in arteries when pumped from heart

Hyper tension word itself means high pressure of blood in arteries It is a chronic disease.  Commonly used words among youngsters are stressed, worried, headache, tired, sweetness.

When we are stressed repeated blood pressure elevations happens and also a large amount of vaso constricting hormones are produces by stimulation of nervous system. Thus putting Higher pressure on blood and make heart work harder. It leads directly to heart strokes.

The maximum stress comes through the work and social environment and emotional distress and if any other risk factor gets combined with any of stress causing factors, the effect on blood pressure gets much more.

Stress can cause hypertension through repeated blood pressure elevations as well as by stimulation of the nervous system to produce large amounts of vasoconstricting hormones that increase blood pressure. Factors affecting blood pressure through stress include white coat hypertension, job strain, race, social environment, and emotional distress.

Furthermore, when one risk factor is coupled with other stress producing factors, the effect on blood pressure is multiplied. Overall, studies show that stress does not directly cause hypertension, but it can elevate it.

In the situation of stress, body releases more of stress hormones (especially cortisol) from adrenaline gland to blood. And thus increases the stress induced cravings for food. In this situation we tend to eat lots of high fat and sugar and calorie dense foods. These foods are comfort foods which seems to counteract Stress. So stress is also one of reason for weight gain over time

There are lots of different ways to manage and control stress and hypertension. There are many non-medical treatments such as meditation, music Therapy and acupressure. Food plays the most important role in controlling Hypertension. And stress.


Food management for stress and hypertension


Controlled and Limited intake of

sodium, sweet, sugary drinks And also red meat, High calories food such as Saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol .

Sodium content is very high in salt and in canned food.

Most of canned foods use sodium as preservatives.

Sweets and sugary drinks are easy source of calories and energy and in the situation of stress or normal daily life we eat sweets as a treat.

Red meat,saturated fats ,trans fats

Red meat is very high in saturated fats and it increases the blood cholesterol and high level of LDL Cholesterol increase the risk of Hypertension and heat diseases.

Eat more on daily basis

Fruits vegetables, Low diary fats, whole grain foods, fish poultry and nuts

Green vegetables

There are many green leafy vegetables which are rich on potassium are

Kale, turnip leaves, romaine lettuce, spinach, beet greens, arugula.

We should avoid eating canned vegetables as they have added sodium. Frozen vegetables contain more less same nutrients as fresh vegetables so my recommendation is for frozen vegetables over canned foods.

Frozen vegetables can also be used to make healthy smoothies with bananas and nuts.

Fruits : Berries and Bananas

Berries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. These components are helpful in lowering blood pressure. Which is proved by some recent studies.

Bananas are rich in Potassium and potassium helps in removing excessive sodium from blood and thus helping in maintaining blood pressure.

These fruits and berries can be consumed with oats or muesli in breakfast. They can also be consumed as smoothies and in desserts.



Red Beets, garlic and herbs

Red beets are rich in nitric oxide and nitric oxide plays important role in opening up the blood vessels and thus lowering the blood pressure.

Beet root can consumed in form of juice, or in salads or along with stir vegetables. It is also available in market in form of chips

Garlic and other herbs such as basil, rosemary, cinnamon, thyme they also contain nitric oxide and thus using them in food helps in lowering blood pressure.

These herbs also add favor to food and thus salt intake can be reduced.

Low fat Dairy products

Dairy products are good source of Calcium.

Skim milk and low fat yoghurt is low in Fat and rich in calcium .Skim milk is an excellent source of calcium and is low in fat. And Low fats and calcium both are helpful in lowering blood pressure

According to American Heart Association, people who ate five or more servings of yoghurt or milk experienced a 20 percent less risk in developing high blood pressure. Milk and yoghurt can be used well with oats.


Pistachios help in reducing peripheral blood pressure thus their consumption also he in reducing blood pressure. Markets have variety of pistachios including salted, roasted and virgin ones. It is better to eat unsalted ones to avoid more consumption of sodium.


Oats are the best friend of heart due to its richness in fibers, they are low in fat and sodium. Mostly oats are consumed in morning in breakfast as they are good source of energy.

Salmon, fish and mackerel, with omega-3s

Lean protein and high fatty acids are found best in fishes. All fishes have lean protein and some fishes like mackerel and salmon are high in omega 3 fatty acids which helps in reducing blood pressure and inflammation


Sunflower, pumpkin and squash Seeds are high in potassium, magnesium and other minerals. All these minerals are known to reduce blood pressure.

Olive oil are healthy unsaturated fats. If contains Polyphenols which are inflammation fighting compounds that can reduce blood pressure.




People suffering from Hypertension should take DASH diet. Studies shows that people who have taken DASH diet their blood pressure gets lower within 2 weeks.

In research studies, people who were on the DASH diet lowered their blood pressure within 2 weeks. DASH Diet helps in lowering systolic pressure by 12-16 points in two weeks.

What is DASH diet? It is dietary approach to stop Hypertension

It is a eating plan which is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, Legumes, low fat diary, fish and poultry.

All these foods are rich in important nutrients such as Calcium, potassium, and proteins and fiber.

Potassium is the key mineral which helps kidneys to get rid of more sodium from urine which helps in lowering blood pressure.



Ref: journal ,books and notes of Hong Kong University




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