Our Clients Speak

Mr. Sundeep Ahuja

Director of planning and development at bakery plants and Chain of restaurants in Lucknow and across India

Mr. Sundeep Ahuja, director of planning and development at bakery plants and Chain of restaurants in Lucknow and across India. He has transformed his life style by following Nutri-Veda. He told us that he was disciplined with eating habits but he couldn’t lose weight due to lack of Nutrition knowledge and management. His weight was 89 kgs and now he weighs only 82 kgs. In this video he shares how he lost weight with little efforts and right guidance from Kiran Sukhani Sundeep recommends this weight loss program to anyone who is looking forward to healthier and fitter life with an attractive personality.

Sonal Bhandari

Sonal Bhandari is well known interior designer and Founder of Sara global hk Ltd Hong Kong

Sonal is always busy meeting up clients and site visits .Due to her hectic schedule she put on some weight . she followed Nutri-veda ‘s detox and weight management plan with full determination to loose extra kilos and to bring a change in her lifestyle.
The result in her words is:
“Had taken a 14 day detox plan and weight management program from Kiran after trying most of the available gyaan on weight loss. Lets try this too.....was the initial thought. Just followed the plan diligently not anticipating any positive impact. OMG....the weight chart had a downward curve. I HAD ACTUALLY LOST 6 Kgs ...... and I was not dreaming !”

Jasmine Dasani

New York based Jasmine Dasani is a housewife and mother of
two girls.

Jasmine Dasani is based in New York City USA. During her trip to Hong Kong she met Kiran and discussed her weight issues. She was keen to try her personalized plan. She followed it well.She has also changed her lifestyle with few modifications.

She says: “ I wasn't sure if I will ever shed away my extra kilos, Workouts are not meant for me. As physical activity I can only brisk walk, I followed all instructions and routine carefully. When I started to follow my plan, I was 175 Pounds and now I am 158 pounds. I am glad to see my targeted results. Thanks to Kiran for being my nutrition expert and adviser.”