Detox Program

We all have different bodies and different abilities.

At Nutri-veda we take care of individual requirements. We do a proper management for all kind of people to get the maximum benefits of the knowledge and training we provide to everyone. Our plans are designed to maintain weight keeping in mind the disorders such as hormonal imbalance, blood sugars and other problems.

We provide a customized plan as per individual requirements maintaining a plan with complete range of nutrients that can benefit our body in the best way.

Detox :

Detoxification is way to rejuvenate, renew and recharge your whole body and system. It is the period in which we clean our body by clearing up all toxins from our body. But a lot of free radicals which are generated in body due to harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, fried food, smoke, pesticides and air pollutants. Free radicals are created due to splitting of single oxygen atoms with unpaired electrons. These are called free radicals. These free radicals enter body cells and causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA in it.

These free radicals are associated with many human diseases such as cancer, alzheimer's etc

Our body has ability to get rid of most of toxins through liver and colon. But there are many toxins which remains in body and it is difficult to get rid of them.

So it is very important to have detox program to get rid of maximum toxins from body by flushing out toxins with help of antioxidants and lots of fluids which clears up system and at the same time provide enough energy for body.

Our well balance detox program help in cleansing internally and at the same time provides important nutrients and energy to our body.

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